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    Promotional offers and their limitations


    By using a promotional code, you agree to understanding the terms and conditions stated below.

    All promotional codes, offers and discounts advertised online are for online use only and are valid for the specified time frame only. All promotional codes are one time use only unless otherwise stated.

    All promotional one time only codes must be used in their entirety in a single purchase.

    For promotions where one or more items are required to be purchased to receive a discount on a second item, the discount will be applied to the equal or lesser valued item.

    Promotions requiring a minimum order amount will not include charges for shipping and credits for gift cards in the overall order amount.

    glamaCo reserves the right to terminate or continue any promotions at its sole discretion.

    Promotional codes cannot be applied to shipping, for purchase of eGift cards, GST or any other such duties.

    If you have reason to exchange or return an item where a promotional code was attached, the promotional code (if expired) cannot be reused for replacement or future orders. A credit/refund will be applied for the promotional price charged only.

    Promotional items are only valid while stocks last. glamaCo will not provide rain checks on items that have sold out.

    glamaCo will not be held responsible for any incorrect entry of promotional codes and will not be accountable for incorrect charges or incorrect items ordered. glamaCo has no obligation to advise the customer that incorrect or incomplete entry has taken place and is not required to return or exchange an item when this has occurred. Please read over orders carefully before submitting.

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