How much does Express Delivery cost?


    glamaCo offers FREE Express Delivery on orders over $99*! *Items deemed Dangerous Goods exempt from free delivery.

    Express Delivery with tracking charge
    Order grand total value Order contains one (1) or more Dangerous Goods* item/s Order does NOT contain any Dangerous Goods* item
    Over $99 Delivery charge of $14.95 FREE!
    $99 or under Delivery charge of $14.95 Delivery charge of $14.95

    *Items deemed Dangerous Goods: These items include Flammable Gas, Flammable Liquid and Oxidising Agents (E.g. Aerosol Cans, Powder Lighteners/Powder Bleach, 30vol (9%) and 40vol (12%) Peroxides, Nail Polishes etc). Dangerous Goods Items are marked accordingly on the individual Product Page.

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